10 Best Baby Bath Towels in India Detailed Reviews!

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It’s time to buy those cute towels for your baby. Baby’s are delicate and for sure, you need to take care of them.

Some parents do not find bath towels important, but, it is. Cleaning the baby with any bath towel can increase the chances of infection.

While there comes a question, why do you need the separate baby towel?

That’s completely reasonable, you should know, why are you buying the best baby bath towel in India?

Let’s start then, as I have mentioned babies are delicate and sensitive and are always at risk of catching the disease, do you agree?

Let me be very clear, there is a specific infection of which your baby needs protection, not you.

Therefore, having a separate bath towel helps you in keeping your baby safe.

Further, the baby is already dealing with many things, especially the newborn. To maintain the temperature of the body, you need a towel that keeps the baby warm, comfortable, and is absorbent.

Of course, your reaction would be why? Definitely, to preserve the baby from catching a cold, while you dress up the baby.

For maintaining the temperature, you can use a humidifier.

Let’s have a look at the 10 best baby bath towels in India that keep your baby comfortable after a bath.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Towels?

1. Which Fabric is Used to Make the Baby Towel?

Baby towels are available in varied types of fabric such as cotton, flannel, bamboo, etc.

Well, if I have to suggest you one, then I would say, the bamboo fabric would be the best option for you.

2. Does Your Baby Towel Have High-Absorbency?

Of course, the sole reason for having the baby towel is to dry your baby after a relaxing bath, right?

Hence, you should always go for the baby towel which absorbs the water, pee, etc of the baby instantly.

This feature also makes the baby towel different from the ordinary towel.

Hence, baby towels are perfect to keep your baby dry after a bath, this also lessens the possibility of your baby catching a cold.

Additionally, when looking for absorbency, go for the grams per square meter (GSM) rating. This you can simply check on the label.

Moreover, for the newborn, the rating of the baby towel should be 600-700 GMS.

3. Is Your Baby Towel Durable?

Technically, you are not buying something which would break, but certainly, it can get damaged.

Wow! How can a baby towel be damaged?

Simply, consistent washing can affect its quality, then its absorbency would reduce eventually.

Hence, you should look for a durable baby towel that won’t get loose threads, and won’t lose its absorbency.

4. Does Your Baby Towel Have a Hood?

Yes! The hooded towel really makes your baby look so cute, I can’t even explain it in words.

Despite making your baby look cute, it also keeps your baby’s head dry and warm.

So, yes, it holds quite importance.

5. What is the Local Weather of the Place You Live in?

I know, I know, the weather changes from time to time, but, you might have noticed specific weather.

For instance, if you live in Jammu and Kashmir, you are aware that more than anything it has cold weather.

Similarly, goes for the other states in India.

So, when buying the towel for your baby, make sure to buy one which is appropriate according to the weather.

For example, if you live in a cold locality, then you probably need a cozy towel that would keep your baby warm.

Likewise, buying a warm, thick, and cozy towel when you live in a place that is not cool is a waste of money plus will result in sweating.

6. Can You Easily Clean and Maintain the Baby Towel?

You are already dealing with household chaos, then taking care of the baby, between all this, washing baby towels with hands could be overwhelming.

What to do then?

Certainly, you can not compromise with the hygiene of the baby, can you?


So, to make things easy for you, buy the baby towel which should be machine washable.

7. What Should be the Size of the Baby Towel?

The perfect size of the newborn baby towel should be 26 by 45.4 by 52 inches. Though, it could be different depending on the baby’s size.

Further, having the baby towel too small will be of no use, likewise goes for a baby towel bigger than a baby.

8. What Should be the Color of the Baby Towel?

Well, technically, the color and appeal of the baby towel should not be that tough decision.

Yet, some parents find it tough to choose the perfect color.

So, if it’s tough for you too, then simply buy one according to the color of the nursery, walls, gender, etc.

9. Have You Considered Buying the Designer Baby Towel?

Yes, baby towels are available in various designs such as animals, cartoons, cute hoods, characters of superheroes, and more.

10. What is the Price of the Baby Towel?

Well, baby towels are quite pocket-friendly. Hence, you don’t have to worry about money.

10 Best Baby Bath Towels in India Detailed Reviews!

Let’s make the bath fun for your baby, with this cute best-hooded baby towel in India that will become your baby’s new friend.

The hippo baby towel is made of bamboo and microfiber and provides biological properties to this baby towel.

So, it is completely safe for the baby. You can also make the baby bathing time more fun with these:

  • Best Baby Bath Tub in India

  • Best Bath Tub Chairs for Babies

Surely, you need a towel that keeps your baby warm and comfortable, along with this, it absorbs the water 3 times, more than cotton towels.

To add, you can even use it as the best baby shower gifts. Ready to bring the best-hooded baby towel in India for your baby?


  • Made of bamboo and microfiber and provides biological properties

  • Keep the baby warm and comfortable

  • Absorb water up to 3 times

  • Perfect for newborn, infant, toddler and kids

  • Ideal for sensitive skin

  • Durable and soft

  • Odour resistant

  • Easy to wash

  • Hypoallergenic


  • Price could be less

  • Could be extra soft

2. Spasilk Essential Baby Bath Gift Set – Hooded Baby Towels & Washcloths

Of course, you have a lot to do, to make everything somewhat easy for you, you can try out the best baby towel in India, that too is hooded.

It is made with cotton and polyester and has washcloths that have a light texture, therefore one of the best-hooded baby towels in India is manageable to wash in a machine.

The baby towels and washcloths keep your baby cozy and comfortable with high absorbent terry cloths, that are soft against the baby’s skin.


  • Cosy and comfortable

  • High absorbent terry cloths, that is soft against baby’s skin

  • Light texture washcloths

  • Machine washable

  • Instantly dries the baby


  • Quality could be improved

  • Price could be less

  • Size could be big

3. Bambi Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel for Sensitive Skin

Here, Bambi comes with the best newborn baby bath towels that are hypoallergenic, so you do not have to worry, as it protects the baby from allergies.

Also, it is antibacterial too, in short, your baby is completely safe.

However, to bathe your baby you can use the best baby bathtub that allows your baby to take a bath easily.

To make the bath time more secure, you can also check out the best baby bath seats.


  • Hypoallergenic

  • Antibacterial

  • Has 2 reversible layers

  • Double stitching

  • Highly absorbent

  • Toddlers can also use it

  • Dry quickly

  • Beautiful

  • Soft and cozy


  • Size could be big

  • It slips most of the time

  • Absorbent could be better

4. LULLABYZ Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo 3 in 1 Baby Hooded Bath Towel

Searching for a baby towel that is durable, right? What if I would say, you can buy a durable baby towel that is of high quality with 500GSM bamboo fibres.

Hence, it is one of the best baby towels in India that is soft and perfect for the baby with sensitive skin.

To keep your baby’s skin sensitive healthy you can use the best baby soap.

With that, you can use this one of the best newborn baby towels that you can be used by infants, toddler and kid of 5 years.

There you go and get one of the best-hooded towels in India that contains bamboo washcloths.

Definitely, babies grow fast, you can not deny, do you? But that does not mean you have to buy another one of the best baby towels in India again as LULLABYZ is of perfect size.

Also, you can carry it on a beach, pool, bedtime routine and of course, bath time.


  • Contains a wrapper, hooded towel and wardrobe

  • Made of bamboo

  • Perfect for the baby with sensitive skin

  • Durable

  • Thickness of 500GSM

  • Machine washable

  • Has dual stitches

  • Snag-free

  • Perfect size

  • A toddler and kid can use it

  • Portable

  • Dry promptly

  • Odour free

  • High absorbency

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Hypoallergenic


  • Price could be less

  • Quality could be improved


5. TheCroco Dinosaur Hooded Towel for Kids, Toddlers and Babies

Making kids bathe is tougher than bathing the newborn and toddler, I’m sure you can relate if you are dealing with this right now?

I guess, making bath fun and enjoyable would work, what do you think? Let’s buy a dinosaur hooded, best bath towels for kids.

The Croco offers you a companion, that is one of the best-hooded baby towels in India that makes bathing fun for the baby.

Not only fun, but it is made of premium quality of fabric that is thick, unlike other fabric.


The best bath towels for kids are made of Terry cotton from inside that rapidly absorb the water.

On the other hand, from the outside, the baby towel is made of velcro, i.e., soft and thick.

At last, it is one of the best baby towels in India for babies, toddlers, and kids of 5 years old. To moisten the baby’s skin, you can use the best body wash.


  • Fun and attractive

  • Made of premium quality of the fabric

  • Terry cotton from inside that rapidly absorb the water

  • From outside, made of velcro, i.e., soft and thick

  • Gets softer each wash

  • Comfortable

  • Thick and cosy


  • Price could be less

  • Could be more comfortable

6. Skip Hop Baby Hooded Towel, 100% Cotton French Terry

Some babies just love animals, right? Obviously, you want the best baby towel, particularly the one which gives you high absorbency.

You are at the right place, as the Skip Hop baby towel has high absorbency and is made of cotton terry.

To make it comfortable for the baby, it has an oversize design that entirely wraps up the baby and toddler. Hence, it is one of the best newborn baby bath towels.

Later, for your ease, you can conveniently wash it in a machine as well as it has a 3D needlework.

Moreover, to clean up your baby you can use the best shampoo and these baby soap for fairness.


  • Has a 3D needlework

  • Machine washable

  • Made of cotton terry

  • Has an oversize design that entirely wraps up the baby and toddler

  • High absorbency

  • Soft


  • Quality of fabric could be improved

  • Could be more durable and bigger

  • Shreds stuff

7. Premium Hooded Baby Towel | Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towels

Why not try one of the best baby towels in India? I’m going to talk about some specifications, first, it is made with a blend of high-quality cotton and bamboo.

Second, for a baby, you need a baby towel that absorbs the water promptly, isn’t it? Here’s the deal, it absorbs the water 2 times as compared to other fabric.

Well, I guess these reasons are enough, but there is a lot more, third, it prevents the baby from allergies as it is hypoallergenic and on top of it, it is perfect for the baby who has eczema.

Don’t you think, this one of the best baby towels in India would be an ideal choice for your baby?

Fourth, it has a matching washcloth and has antibacterial properties.

What do you think, is it good or not for your baby? If I have to choose, then one of the best baby towels in India would be my choice clearly.


  • Made with a blend of cotton and bamboo

  • High quality of the fabric

  • Absorbs the water 2 times

  • Perfect for the baby who has eczema

  • Has a matching washcloth

  • Has antibacterial properties

  • Machine washable

  • Soft and comfortable

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Dry quickly


  • After a few washes, it loses its softness

  • Threads lose

  • Price could be less

8. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Towel Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel

Let your baby love bath by introducing him to his animal face hooded towel. It would be fun, isn’t it? But what if, with fun your baby gets all the comfort?

Hudson hooded towel is made of woven cotton terry with animal face embroidery.

Along with this, it has a soft and cozy bathrobe and washcloths, so there your baby gets all the comfort, surely he will be dry because of high absorbency.


  • Made of woven cotton terry

  • Has animal face embroidery

  • Includes bathrobe and washcloths

  • High absorbency

  • Keep baby dry


  • The fabric could be better

9. Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Bath Towel by Alpy Baby

Baby’s skin is sensitive, if not taken care, it results in dryness, redness and itching.

Therefore, to keep your baby’s skin healthy, you need something that is as soft as your baby’s skin right?

No matter, how much you take care of, those regular towels end up hurting the baby.

Let’s stop it, by using a baby towel that is made of natural bamboo and is hypoallergenic.

It keeps your baby and toddler safe and secure with its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Additionally, to enhance the development of the baby,


  • Made of natural bamboo

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Has antibacterial and antifungal properties

  • High absorbency

  • Chemical-free

  • Double stitching


  • Could be more comfortable

  • Quality of fabric could be improved

10. DOTMOM Newborn Clothes 100% Cotton Gift Set for Baby Shower

Let’s become smart parents by using one of the best baby towels in India that is made of cotton.

It is one of the best newborn baby bath towel combo packs that include clothes, a towel, a robe, and a hooded blanket.

Along with this, it also contains a urine pad, baby pillow, feeding clothes, cap, washcloths, and hand and foot gloves.


What do you think, one of the best baby towels in India combo pack has everything you need?

Certainly, it contains everything a baby of 0-12 months needs. For the safety of the baby, it is tested in the laboratory and hypoallergenic.

Lastly, it is safe, hypoallergenic, and soft. On the other hand, if you want to buy a baby care combo pack, you can check out the Sebamed baby products combo pack.


  • Contains, urine pad, baby pillow, feeding clothes, cap, washcloths and hand and foot gloves

  • Includes clothes, towel, robe and hooded blanket

  • Tested in the laboratory

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Soft and comfortable

  • Durable for 4 season

  • Perfectly stitched


  • Found nothing as such, as this is the new product. We will add more information once we have enough data

Do You Need A Special Baby Towel?

Do I need a special baby towel? Or you really need baby towels?

Yes, you do need a special baby towel because an ordinary towel won’t be as soft as against your skin as it is soft for you.

Further, an ordinary towel could be harsh against your baby’s skin, as well as it is more absorbent.

How Many Baby Towels You Need?

How many bath towels does a baby need?

Technically, two baby towels would be enough for your baby. One you can use to dry the baby and another could be used to take the baby from bathroom to room.

  1. Do babies need special towels? Baby's skin is delicate and sensitive, therefore to keep your baby's skin healthy, you need an extra soft towel. Also, it also keeps your baby safe from illness and disease which an adult and children do not have to bother about.

  2. What are the softest baby towels? LULLABYZ Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo 3 in 1 Baby Hooded Bath Towel is the softest baby towel with high quality with 500GSM bamboo fibres.

  3. How do you wrap a baby in a hooded towel? Starting by putting the baby on the centre of the hooded wrap, on a smooth surface. Ensure that the hood should be at top and straps unfold outward, then tuck the head of the baby inside the hood. At last, start folding the bath wrap from the bottom, then over the baby's feet.

  4. How many towels do newborns need? You may need 3 baby towels for your newborn and washcloth should be replaced twice in a week.


Therefore, to keep your baby clean and to make your bath time incredible, a baby bath towel is the best option.

Along with this, to groom your baby, you can also use the best baby grooming kit.

Do you love Patanjali products? Well, let me tell you, Patanjali is also into making Shishu care products. You should definitely check out these best Patanjali baby products.

And, if you have a cute little baby girl, then try these hair headbands.

Lastly, bathing your baby is essential to prevent the baby from germs, infection and diseases.

To encourage babies to bathe, let’s grab a baby bath towel. So which among the 10 best baby towels in India did you like the most?

Or do you find any other towel? Please let us know in the comments below.