7 Best Baby Girl Shoes 0-18 Months in India

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When it comes to shoes, girls can literally have a hell of a lot of shoes, unlike boys. As we have plenty of varied dresses to wear. For every occasion, a girl needs different shoes or sandals.

The same goes for your little princess!

However, unlike you, you have to pay attention to your baby’s shoes as a shoe of bad quality can affect the growth of the baby’s feet. That will affect the baby in the long run as it can hamper the baby’s walk.

So, for your baby’s walking milestone you can buy Lucky Love Baby Shoes and YALION Baby Shoes. Earlier one promotes the natural development of the baby’s feet along with ensuring comfort. On the other hand, YALION baby shoes, provide support to your baby while crawling, walking, and running.

Apart from this, these both shoes are safe for the baby’s skin as well as comfortable for the baby.

As a matter of fact, if you are looking for a good quality of shoes, you need to spend some money on the same. Though, not everyone can afford shoes worth thousands. So, I have come up with a small list of the best baby girl shoes online which includes high priced to low priced shoes.

1. Coolz Kids Chu-Chu Sound Musical First Walking Shoes Bob Dog for Baby Boys and Baby Girls for 9-24 Months

– Best Budget

A cute cartoon is ready to wink at your baby plus going to get everyone’s attention either you are going for a party or casual walk. That leads me to, some babies are going to retaliate as they don’t want to walk because they love holding by their mother.

In that case, your baby needs some motivation to walk. I’m sure, you are giving 100% to enable the baby to walk. Though, these shoes also play an essential role in encouraging your baby to walk. As these are musical walking shoes, that will create sound when your baby takes her first step.

Moreover, it has a hook and loop closure, hence, you won’t face any issue in putting them on or off. So, your baby can walk comfortably with her lightweight and durable shoes.

If you don’t want to spend money on buying shoes for the baby every now and then YALION baby shoes are perfect for crawling, walking and running. Hence, your baby would walk, crawl, and run in comfy shoes without harming her skin.

2. YALION Baby Boys Girls Shoes Crawling Slipper Toddler Infant Soft Leather First Walking Moccasins

– Best Overall

If your baby is learning to walk, falling is very common. However, this might create fear, am I right?

Well, what if your baby can walk in her super cute non-slip slipper?

That would be great, isn’t it? Above all, these shoes also provide support to your baby while crawling, walking, and running too. So, simply by spending some thousands, your baby can use these elegant shoes in almost all the milestones.

Next, with its soft and thin leather sole, your baby moves effortlessly without hurting her skin as well as shoes preserve your baby’s feet from dirt and harmful playground surface that can affect your baby’s personal hygiene.

Though, you have to clean it with a damp cloth, not in a machine. So, if you are a busy mom, then you need to spare some time for these shoes.

If I have to give an opinion, then I would say, these shoes will give your baby a classic look. That makes it the best baby girl shoes.

So far, these shoes are ideal for your growing baby, if you are looking for an alternate, you can go for, Lucky love baby shoes as it is helpful in standing, cruising, and walking of toddlers without compromising the comfort.

3.Hudson Baby Baby Cozy Sherpa Booties with Non Skid Bottom

– Best Rated

Hudson Baby Sherpa Booties with Non Skid Bottom are a great way to keep your baby's little tootsies warm in the colder months! With hook and loop closure around the ankle, these Scooties cannot be kicked off! These are so warm, cozy and soft around baby's feet and can be worn with or without socks!

These Scooties feature a zig-zag pattern rubber grip on the bottom to ensure your little one doesn't slip and slide around.

4. BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes Boy Girl Infant Sneakers Non-Slip First Walkers

Sneakers are in a trend, right?

What if your baby can wear sneakers with you?

That would be great, isn’t it? Here, I have come up with the non-slip best baby girl shoes. Hence, more fun with safety.

If you are worried about the baby’s feet, then it is safe as it hugs the foot with its stretching knit collar. That wrap around your baby’s ankle, thus, your baby’s feet will be safe. With that, pillow-soft cushioning allow the baby to perform varied activities without feeling pain or hurting themselves.

This leads me to another thing is the baby’s balance. The baby’s sneakers enable the baby to maintain balance because their toes grip the ground to prevent slipping as it has rubber soft spikes and sensory pods under outsoles.

Apart from this, it is breathable, and anti-collision as it has toe caps that conserve the baby’s feet from injuries, and easy to put on or off.

I believe it is perfect for your baby’s feet.

As an alternate, either you can buy lucky love or YALION baby shoes, as these are perfect for a baby’s development milestones such as cruising, walking, crawling, etc, unlike this one. Though, this shoe is also comfortable for the baby with features like non-slip, breathable, etc.

5. Lucky Love Baby Moccasins Leather • Infant, Baby & Toddler Shoes for Girls and Boys

– Best Leather

Are you looking for shoes for a baby girl 1 year or less old?

If yes, you are at the right place as Lucky love baby is going to make your baby lucky in a real sense by providing you shoes that are perfect for the baby’s standing, cruising, and walking of toddlers. These shoes are easy to put on and off, hence, your baby can wear it effortlessly.

However, the best part is that these shoes encourage the natural development of the feet and also conserve the baby’s feet from the rough and sharp surfaces. Thus, with safety, it will provide stability to walk too.

Also, as it is made of leather, it is breathable and is lightweight. Hence, no sweating and easy to walk.

So, mammy, are you ready to make your baby’s first shoes perfect for her development and safety?

Keeping the baby’s development in mind, as an alternate, YALION baby shoes would be the best alternate of the same because it is perfect for crawling, walking, and running with ensuring comfort. Apart from having a bit of difference, both shoes ensure the safety and comfort of the baby.

6. Sakuracan Infant Baby Boys Girls Slippers Non-Slips Bottom Winter Booties Stay On Newborn Crib House Shoes

– Best Winter Booty

Hey! Mammy, it is time to say hi to these cute, soft, and fleece slippers. With comfort, this baby girl slipper is environment friendly too.

Like most of the shoes here, this shoe is also slip-proof and easy to put on and off. Therefore, with comfort, these shoes also ensure the safety of the baby as it prevents slipping.

The best part is that you do not have to wait for months or years to allow your baby to wear these, as your baby can wear it right from the crib.

No doubt, these shoes are ideal, but as your baby will grow, hence, you need something on which you can rely, right?

In that case, you can buy YALION baby shoes which are ideal for the baby’s crawling, walking, and running by keeping the baby’s safety and comfort in mind.

7. RVROVIC Baby Girl’s Mary Jane Flats Anti Slip Rubber Sole Bow Princess Dress Shoes

– Best for Party

It is your baby’s birth or a special party?

If yes, your baby can wear a Mary Jane Flats slipper which is breathable and slip-proof. Hence, your baby can flaunt her beautiful dress by wearing these shoes.

To give parents assurance regarding the baby’s safety, these shoes have cleared Safety Test, so no stimulation to the skin of the baby’s feet.

With safety, the shiny appearance of the shoes is made of PU leather which is breathable too.

These are the best shoes for baby girl shoes.

Though, these shoes are ideal for a party, family function, etc. But for a regular walk, or running for the baby, you should go for YALION baby shoes as these will assist your baby while crawling, walking, and running while ensuring comfort and safety.

How to Choose Baby’s Shoes?

  • Prevent buying hard and stiff shoes, always go for soft, lightweight, and flexible shoes

  • Shoes of the baby should have non-skid soles

  • Shoes of the baby should have a non-slip bottom

  • The shoes of the baby should not be too tight or too loose, ensure to buy the perfect fit

  • Baby’s shoes should offer firm support and should have padded on the back of the heel, around the ankle to lessen the rubbing, and on the bottom inside too

Also, buy the baby shoes only if you are going out somewhere because if your baby is learning to walk and using the shoes at this time won’t help your baby learn to walk sooner or later.

You can buy the baby shoes for indoor also but make sure those shoes fulfil the above criteria. In other words, shoes should comfortable, lightweight, soft and easy to wear.


At last, your baby’s first step is essential, you can make it more memorable by tunning with your baby, wearing the same dress and shoes. And click cute pictures.

Having some memories is worthy, isn’t it?

Happy Parenthood!