7 Best Baby Strollers in India Reviews!

Jess Wilder

Mar 17, 2023

7 Best Baby Strollers/Prams in India (Comparison)

Did you know that taking your baby outside promotes strength and robust health?

Strange fact, isn’t it?

Well as per clinicians, the cardiorespiratory response of a woman while pushing strollers contributes to your health.

A study has been conducted on two cohorts, 11 women with a single stroller and 17 women with double strollers.

That reflects that pushing a single or double stroller of 4.8 km/hr is equivalent to absolute guidelines for enhancing cardiorespiratory fitness and other health benefits.

So stop being insecure by drifting away a bit from this virtual world and improve your health and fitness in this easy-loving walk to a park with your baby.

However, when it comes to a baby’s health, it has been suggested that too much use of a stroller affects the physical activity levels of young kids. Yet, no studies have been done so far to reflect the same.

In short, I would say, don’t limit your baby to a stroller ride only, try to engage your baby/kid in some physical activity, probably try to teach your baby how to walk.

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