Baby Stroller in India below Rs.5000

Top Rated stroller below Rs 5000 in India

Did you know that taking your baby outdoors is good for physical strength and health?

Strange fact, isn't it?

The clinician said that a woman’s cardiorespiratory response to pushing a stroller contributes to her health.

A study was conducted on two cohorts, 11 women used single strollers and 17 women used double strollers.

This reflects that pushing a single or tandem stroller at a speed of 3 mph meets the absolute guidelines for improving cardiorespiratory health and other health benefits.

Therefore, don't let yourself move a little bit from this virtual world, and improve your health and physical fitness while taking a relaxing walk with your baby in the park to make yourself feel uneasy.

However, when it comes to the health of the baby, some people suggest that using the stroller too frequently will interfere with the baby's physical activity. However, to date, no research has been conducted to reflect this.

In short, I want to say don't restrict your baby to a stroller, try to make your baby/child move, maybe try to teach your baby to walk.

LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby/Kids, 0-3 Years

The little stories in life bloom with the appearance of little people in your life. It makes your life full of parenting fun.

At LuvLap, it strive to incorporate short stories into our products, focusing on child safety and feature-rich features. Our well-designed series of strollers, strollers, car seats, trolleys and other outdoor equipment allows your baby to explore the world in luxury.

They are comfortable nests that can accompany your baby on city streets and country roads. The ergonomic design ensures that your baby is always comfortably supported.

Give your little baby a sense of comfort, which complements the warmth of your lap. Designed and manufactured carefully based on the latest scientific discoveries, all LuvLap products undergo multiple quality controls before being sent to the store.

BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller and Pram with Mosquito Net, Mama Diaper Bag and Wheel Breaks

The Babygo stroller is a durable stroller with a lightweight and stylish frame. It is one of the lightest and most versatile strollers on the market. With an easy-to-fold frame and shoulder strap, you can easily store it on the go or easily.

The large adjustable hood can protect your baby's sensitive skin from harmful rays. In addition, the foldable sun visor can provide more protection on particularly sunny days.

The frame of the Babygo stroller is very light, which means it is super light and very durable. It is one of the lightest strollers on the market.

Handle can be moved so the dolls can face your child or face the street. This stroller is fold-able. Rear Wheels with breaks and Front Wheels with direction fixers.

The extra-large storage basket is ideal for holding over sized diaper bags and purses, and the rear storage pocket is perfect for keys and cell phones. you will always have a place for your beverage or baby bottle.

R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Stroller & Pram with Easy Fold for Newborn Baby

Safety 1st-Lollipop Stroller is designed with safety in mind.

Front Wheels and Suspension The best suspension with 6.5-inch wheels allows your baby to get the most comfortable riding experience while walking.

Welcome to the Fold-Slide the crossbar down with your hands or feet, and the stroller will fold itself. Simple enough that you can say it is easy.

Reversible handle The simplest and safest reversible handle design allows you to see your baby's smile while walking.

3-point tilt A simple mechanism that can tilt the seat to 3 positions, making your baby the most comfortable ride.

5-point seat belt 5-point seat belt keeps your baby in the safest position when walking.

Extra Large Storage Basket The Lollipop Lite stroller has an extra large storage basket in which you can store everything you need while walking or shopping.

Adjustable leg support: The Lollipop Lite stroller and stroller have 2 positions to adjust the leg support to keep your baby comfortable during use.

Mee Mee Baby Stroller Pram |Quick One Hand Folding | Comfortable Seating | Fully Rotating Wheels | Feeding Tray

3 different seat positions - sleeping, reclining and seating - for your growing baby's needs and Quick one-hand fold.

Easy and compact for carrying, travel or storing

Reversible soft foam handle for front and rear facing for the times when your baby needs your presence.

Rotational front wheels with brakes and 4 rear wheels with brakes and Large canopy cover to ensure your baby is protected in all weather conditions.

Equipped with spacious basket at the bottom to help carry your baby's essentials on-the-go like Mee Mee Diaper Bag.

Little Pumpkin - Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby/Kids

Little Pumpkin - Kiddie Kingdom Stroller Little Pumpkin understand the necessity of young parents and brings the Safe and Colourful Pram for your Little One called Kiddie Kingdom Stroller.

It is compact & Travel – Friendly Lightweight Stroller. It is designed by keeping young moms necessities. It has convenient one hand fold mechanism & has storage basket. Three - Position Recline keeps baby comfortable.

Colourful Canopy is designed to protect kid from sun coverage with a peek-a- boo window. Wheels are for all terrain & has front suspension for a smooth ride. Age: 0 to 3 Years. Weight: 0 to 20 Kgs.

Mom Friendly: Kiddie Kingdom Stroller is compact & travel- friendly light weight stroller. Front Wheels and Suspension – All Terrain Wheels with Front Suspension for Smooth Ride. Easy Fold Mechanism– Push the Bar below with you hand or foot and Pram folds itself. Reversible Handle – Kiddie Kingdom Stroller is equipped with reversible handle feature.

To Stroll the stroller from both side. 3 Position Recline - Simple mechanism to make seat recline to 3 position and give your baby most comfortable ride Storage Basket – Kiddie Kingdom Stroller has got storage basket to keep everything that you want while strolling or going for shopping. Leg Rest: Leg Rest to make your baby feel more Cosy & Comfortable.

Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Stroller and Pram for Baby | Kids | Infants | Newborn |Boy & Girl of 0 to 3 Years

Little Pumpkin brought a stroller/stroller for children. Its compact folding design and light weight make it very suitable for travel and frequent use. From safety to baby's comfort, it has everything a baby and parents need.

EN certification: Its EN 1888 safety certification provides safe products for your children.

lightweight: its 4 lightweight. Kilogram weight. Easy to carry and operate.

Compact Umbrella Folding: With its compact umbrella folding, this small pumpkin trolley is best for storing and using when traveling.

2-point safety belt: It has a 2-point safety belt to protect your child while walking

Complete canopy: The full canopy can protect your baby from the sun in any weather and at any time. Stroller

use: 6 months to 2 years.


I hopes that you can more easily choose the stroller that best suits your budget and needs.

Therefore, after thorough analysis and research, all of the above products have been added to our list of the best strollers.

So now it's up to you to choose. Would you like to know our two best tips?

Our two top safety tips are LuvLap Galaxy Stroller and R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride.

These two products are our best choice because they have all the features you need, and they prove to be the best choice for online strollers.

Therefore, if you need something with reasonable price and value, I think they will provide you with the best service.

Well, I want to know which stroller do you think is the best? Or, if you want us to add the stroller to our preferred list, I am open to suggestions.

Some Common Questions (FAQs) on Baby Stroller

  1. Which stroller is best for a newborn? The LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram is the best stroller for newborn baby. It is best for a baby from 0 to 36 months old baby with a carrying weight of up to 15 kg. According to a study, 98% of moms say LuvLap strollers are the best value for money.

  2. Which is the best baby stroller to travel in Flight? The R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite is the best stroller to travel in flight but it is expensive on the other side. You can also try LuvLap Tutti Frutti Stroller/Buggy which is very compact & travel-friendly. Most importantly, it is inexpensive. And, I would say this is the best stroller for flight travel under ₹2000.

  3. Can you put an infant in a stroller? The best age to put an infant in a stroller is 6 months. However, if you still want to put your infant baby in a stroller, make sure that the strollers recline.

  4. When can babies use a stroller? According to experts, the best age for your baby to use a stroller is at least 6 months. However, some also recommend 8 months if your baby doesn’t have sound physical health. Besides, make sure the first stroller for your baby comes with adequate safety and protection measures.

  5. Which brand is best for a baby stroller? LuvLap is one of the best brands for baby strollers. Why? Because it provides all the essential features required from a baby’s comfort to a baby’s safety and also 99% of mom says it is comfortable to use. You can also consider R for Rabbit.

  6. What are the Precautions While Using a Stroller?– Don’t leave the baby unattended in the stroller. – Whenever you stop, use brakes as well as never park the stroller on a slope – If you plan to hang the toys on the stroller, ensure to keep them fastened – Always use a harness or straps to keep them safe – Be careful while folding or opening the stroller. Your finger might be caught up in between – Prevent hanging the groceries, handbag, etc. on the handlebar as this can tip over the stroller – Ensure that the weight and age limit of the baby is right or not before placing the baby in it – A baby should not sleep in the stroller, especially a baby under 4 months – Don’t let your baby be in the stroller for a long time. Because the plastic and metal area of the stroller heats up and could harm the baby – Check the stroller’s surface, whether it is hot or not, before placing the baby in it – Heavy items such as diaper bags should be placed underneath the stroller

  7. Can I Use Baby Stroller for a Longer Duration? No, because with the arrival of long hours, there comes the development of a flat spot on the back of your baby’s head. The vast pressure of the gastroesophageal reflux disease paves the way for the difficulty in breathing. This leads to the correct fact of experts. Experts say that the time duration of a child sleeping or relaxing in the car should be reduced to two hours, unlike in a crib. Besides diseases, prematurity and health concerns are also a form of interaction with the experts. A stroller with storage can instantly carry any necessary equipment. The storage bags pave the way for cardiac monitors and oxygen. Parents of health concerned babies can be a good source of communication. To give more comfort to the baby’s head, you can try these best head-shaping pillows.

  8. Are Jogging Baby Strollers Safe for Newborns? Reclination is important for babies. Nevertheless, its bassinet attachment does more good to the baby. This is for happiness for the baby in the car seat. Most umbrella strollers don’t provide this essential wholesome quality. They are not purchasable commodities! It is therefore essential for mothers to know that most jogging strollers don’t have reclination. Hence, they might not be suitable for babies under 6 months.