13 Best Gifts for Newborn Baby in India – Top List!

Sep 8, 2021

13 Best Gifts for Newborn Baby | Gift Ideas for New Born Baby Girl/Boy Indian | What to Gift a Newborn Baby? | Buy Newborn Baby Gifts Online | Best Gifts for 1-Year-Old Baby Boy

Are you looking for a newborn baby gift?

Whenever our friends or a family member have their first baby, we always try to find the top newborn baby gifts from the market/online.

We did a lot of research, checked the reviews, online community discussion, and some of them we tried ourselves. As I’m pretty sure, choosing a gift for a newborn baby is a tough task for both parents/non-parent.

So, for you. Our team has filtered out everything useless and figured out the top 13 best newborn baby gifts for baby boy and girl.

Let’s start with a helpful table for your convenience.

1. Johnson’s Baby Care Collection – Best Newborn Baby Gift Set

Best Budget

A perfect choice for a new mother or for your own kiddo. This could be the best choice for newborn baby gifts.


Because it is something that contains everything that is needed for your baby. It contains the following things:

Johnson’s baby TTT bath, baby powder, Johnson’s baby oil, Johnson’s baby hair oil, Johnson’s baby lotion, Johnson’s baby cream, Johnson’s baby wipes. Further, it has a baby romper and baby care knowledge booklet.

A perfect combo, right?

Similarly, I have also covered the best baby products to buy for your little one. Believe me, those are listed in accordance with a baby’s need.

You can even order Mother Sparsh Baby Products Online and deliver it as a gift. Now, moving to our next unique newborn baby gifts.

2. Mini Berry 13 Piece Unisex Baby’s Gift Set (Blue)

Another one for your baby is the Mini Berry unisex baby gift set. It’s a perfect gift shower idea.

What it contains?

It has everything like a bodysuit, baby towel, t-shirt, pants, booties, and other essential products as well.

This product is the ideal choice for your baby’s daily wear. And, also for the special occasion if you are throwing the baby party for your little lion.

Note: We want to assure you, check the product once when it is delivered as we found some reviews saying the color is different and it’s not like in the image shown.

3. Mee Mee Cozy Cocoon – Baby Wrapper with Hood (Cherry Blossom Pink)

This baby wrapper with a hood could also be a good choice. Available in different colours.

If I talk about its features. It is durable, comfortable, and soft. It is easy to wash and portable. Meaning, you can carry it anywhere in the world.

And you know what? You can use it anywhere like a stroller blanket, crib blanket, travel blanket, and wherever you want.

Truly an amazing product. Right?

4. Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Play Gym – Top Newborn Baby Gift

– Best Useful

What could be more joyful than a multicolor play gym? Yeah, your baby will gonna love this, I’m pretty sure. You can order this gym and write a beautiful newborn baby birthday wish and gift it.

This fisher price baby gym is a good option as a newborn baby gift for baby boy and girl. The colors and the music are joyful.

There are more than 10 activities to do on this baby gym. And most importantly, it develops multiple skills in your babies like sensory skills, gross motor skills, and curiosity skills.

I recommended this product to my elder brother for their baby. They also got 5 free play ball with it. Some users said they were not getting the free balls with this play gym. So, I would suggest you check the product once it is delivered.

5. Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker (Multicolor)

Another one from the same brand. If you want to give a luxury newborn baby gifts then I think you should go for this rocker. This unique product can be used as a baby rocker and also as a seat for feeding the baby.

And, a baby walker can also be the best choice as a newborn baby gift. But parents have a doubt about using a baby walker that are baby walkers safe for baby’s hips?

Moreover, the Fisher-Price rocker can also be used for the toddler. As the seats also include an adjustable seat back, the seat reclines other important features.

In short, it grows with the baby. However, I would say this is the best unique newborn baby gift.

6. Lickabells Newborn Baby Jhabla Kit

You must be saying why I’m not giving you a pack of baby gifts that includes essential items. Well, Lickabells newborn baby Jhabla kit can be the best choice for you.

It is a combo of eco-friendly nappies, jhabla, and caps. And, I think this is a far better gift for a newborn baby as everything is useful.

Furthermore, this product is good for daily wear and recommended for babies from 0 to 3 months. You are gonna love this product! And, I would say, this product is value for money.

7. Woww Baby 3D Casting Kit Super Saver Pack – Best Gift for Newborn Baby

– Best for Memory

What do you think about this product? A heart touching for parents, right? Oh ya, you can adore me for this. Last but not least, a heart-touching casting kit for your newborn baby.

Simply make the clay structure of your baby’s hand, feet and give the print. Keep it in a safe place and show your baby once she/he grows up. This is an amazing product, right?

Don’t worry. It is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. Now create a permanent 3D replica of your baby’s hands and feet.

Truly a heart touching newborn baby gift. And you know the most important part when the baby grows? They will see the replica when they will grow up. Or, try Woww Baby 3D Casting Kit with Pink Frame (with frame).

8. Superminis Multicolor Digital Print Sleeping Bed

A baby sleeping bed is a good choice and I would say this is the best inexpensive newborn baby gift.


Because it is very useful and comes with a mosquito net. A perfect choice for the newborns! It protects your baby from insects and parasites.

Moreover, the prints on the bed are super pleasant to the eyes. It also has a soft pillow. Overall a compact and stylish sleeping bed for babies.

I have also covered the various best sleeping bed for babies in detail. A good variety of sleeping beds for you to choose from. These can also be a good choice as a newborn baby gift.

9. Little Me, A Baby Memory Book – Baby Milestone Record Book

You must be thinking as is there anything related to baby memories? Keep the memories somewhere?

Yes, it’s there!

What is it?

Little Me – A baby memory book.

You can use this book to keep the favorite things of your baby like a favorite toy, sleeping time, and more.

Also, record everything as your baby grows. Eg. Today my baby has completed 10 days. Today my baby said Mumm for the first time, etc.

Wow! very lovely, right?

Therefore, just log in the precious moments of your baby, attach the photo in this special memory book. I would say this is the trending unique newborn baby gift. A new idea in gifts, right? Now, what are you waiting for?

10. Trumom USA Electric Steam Sterilizer For Feeding

– Best for Hygiene

I don’t know whether it’s a good choice to give steam sterilize for feeding the baby. But, it is important from a baby’s health point of view. So, I think you should consider this as well especially during this tough time.

How is it useful?

First of all, it is a 100% BPA free plastic product which is safe. This is useful in sterilizing bottles nipples, toys, and other things that baby’s used to keep in mouth. It contains germs and bacteria which could affect your baby’s health, right?

So, here comes the Trumom USA Electric Sterilizer for your baby’ health. Which I think should be taken as the priority. Because a baby’s safety should be the utmost priority.

11. Mee Mee 5 in 1 Baby Cozy Carry Cot Cum Rocker

A 5 in 1 unique newborn baby gift is the best choice if you are looking for a good deal. This is not just a carry seat but is convertible into a baby chair, recliner, feeding seat, and a rocker.

You know what I think. A gift should be like that which comes into use in daily day to day life.


Similarly, this and other gifts are also like to be used not to just keep idle. Talking more about the seat cover now. It is detachable and machine washed.

And, if you want to look at the best baby car seats in India, you can dig deeper into it. I have shared the best baby car seats including the top brands which are cheap, portable, luxury, and lightweight. This can also be a good idea for parents as a newborn baby gift.

12. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram – Best Luxury Newborn Baby Gifts

– Best Luxury Gift

If you have a high budget and ready to spend on some good quality, sturdy product. Then the luxury newborn baby gift will be LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram.

The very first thing to admire in this beautiful stroller is probably its handlebar. But why? Why is the handlebar suitable?

The reason is quite apparent, it’s reversible (oh, really!) Yes, you heard it right. But wait? How can it help me?

It means it allows your kid to keep looking at you even when you’re strolling. Wow, that sounds great man!

But what about other stroller brands and what if someone looking for a twins stroller or baby strollers with a car seat. Don’t worry! Everything is covered for you. Now the reviews of LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram.

13. BAYBEE Little Hut Play Pen – Luxury Newborn Baby Gifts

The previous stroller and this playpen are the perfect luxury gifts for a newborn baby girl/boy. This one from the BayBee brand is a good choice in the playpens in India.

With its amazing portability and on-the-go convenience, it takes a little bit of space to carry it in any corner of the car.

Therefore, it is also the best in terms of portability. It is EN71 Certified, meaning, for better baby safety. Any cons of this playpen?

Yes, a mosquito net is not there in the playpen. But no worries, you can go to this list of the baby playpen with a mosquito net. It is also safe in sides so no need to baby proof the bed for baby’s safety.

Check the price and review of this amazing travel playpen for baby girl and boy.

Best Gifts for 1-Year-Old Baby

1. Cable World® Amazing Learning House – Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Baby Boy Indian

Buy your baby the house that is full of games that helps in motor development of the baby. This is the best baby gifts for a 1-year-old baby boy Indian as it enables your little boy to play various games, such as animal block and shape block, that your kid has to fit in the correct block.

Along with this, while playing animal block your kid will hear sounds of the animals too. Second, rotation game, door opening game counting beads, math toys, etc helps in the overall development of the baby.

Third, all these games help in enhancing fine motor development, improving eye and hand coordination, hearing skills, curiosity building, visual development and more.

If I had to say in a line then I would say, this is the best gifts for a 1-year-old baby boy Indian for the development of the baby. It includes 22 sound effects and 6 animal sounds, as well as 8 music scales and 8 songs.

Later, it is the baby gifts for a 1-year-old baby boy Indian for the baby of 1-3 years.


  • Consist a lot of games, such as animal block and shape block, rotation game, door opening game counting beads, math toys, etc

  • Includes 22 sound effects

  • Has 6 animal sounds

  • 8 music scales and 8 songs

  • Help in enhancing fine motor development, improving eye and hand coordination, hearing skills, curiosity building, visual development and more


  • Price could be less

  • Size could be an increase as it restricts the baby to play

2. Hape Wooden Rock and Ride Rocking Horse, Beige

Here baby wooden rocking horses is the second, best birthday gift for kid boy 1-year-old in India. Let’s start with its usefulness, it enhances the imagination power of the baby, improves coordination and balance.

Most necessary it builds the strength of muscles and legs of your baby. Certainly, it is the best birthday gift for kid boy 1-year-old in India which works as a swing.

Additionally, it also promotes motor development as well as it allows your baby to elongate limbs and allow the baby to crawl, that’s why it is the best birthday gift for a 1-year-old in India. As a result, it encourages the baby to walk, while you can also use baby walkers too.

Classically constructed wooden horse toy is safe for the baby as it is coloured with water-based colours and is comfortable too. To make it comfortable for your baby, it has a broad seatback with handles and footrest.

Therefore, it encompasses all the features that not only ensure the safety of the baby boy but also are comfortable and is best for development. This is ideal for the baby of 10 months to 3 years.


  • Enhances the imagination of the baby, improves the coordination and balance and most necessary builds strength of muscles and legs

  • Encourage crawling and development

  • Painted with water-based colours, safe for the baby

  • Has a backrest and footrest that makes it safe for the baby

  • Has handles

  • Classic design

  • Chemical-free


  • Edges are rough

  • Not available in various colours

  • Expensive

3. Einstein Box Birthday Best Gift Set – Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy/Girl

We all are aware, who Einstein was? As your baby reaches the age of 6 years, his brain is already developed up to 90%. Why not gift your little one something that educates your baby?

This is one of the best birthday gifts for a 1-year-old as it contains 6 books and 9 activities that help in the development of the baby with all the fun.

Wondering, what activities does it contain? Here we go, it has a puzzle, logic activities, have pretended playset, while the books that it holds teach your kid about sleeping habits, 100 words, how to take care of himself, alphabet and more.

I’m sure, you would not deny that it is one of the best birthday gifts for a 1-year-old. So what next? keep this giant knowledge box in kids strollers or a changing table and let your baby play with it.


  • Contains 6 books and 9 activities

  • Has a puzzle

  • Logic activities

  • Have pretend playset

  • Includes a book that teaches your kid about sleeping habits, 100 words, how to take care of himself, alphabet and more

  • Tore proof


  • Price could be less

  • Quality of mask could be improved

  • In contrast, pages tore easily, commented by buyers

  • Picture in the book could be better

  • Velcro sticker comes off easily

FAQs on Gifts for Newborn Baby

  1. What is a good gift for a newborn baby?Little Me – A Baby Memory Book would be the best choice for parents. Parents can record the milestones of their baby at each stage. Truly a loving and affection gift for parents for their newborn.

  2. What is the best gift for a newborn baby boy?Johnson Baby Care collection kit would be the best gift for a newborn baby boy. You can also try Mini Berry set, it is a unisex product with attractive colours. Your little munchkin will gonna love this.

  3. What is the best gift for a newborn baby girl?Mee Mee Cozy wrapper would be the best gift for a newborn baby girl. Woww Casting 3D kit is also a good option to show your love the most precious gift when she will grow up. Just think about the reaction she will give when she'll see her tiny hands.

  4. Do you give a gift when a baby is born?Yes, it is a good way to gift parents when they have a new life in this world. You should show your love, care, happiness to the parents by giving them various gifts listed above. Giving gifts to a newborn are generally called shower gifts when the newborns parents throw the party.

Before you go! Final Words on Newborn Baby Gifts

To sum up, I have shared a list of good newborn baby gifts. Basically, I would suggest you invest in a good newborn baby gift. Most importantly it should be of good quality and material. Don’t go with a cheap quality product because a baby is going to use that product.

Hence, always choose a good product whether you are gifting it to someone or buying for your own baby.

Baby’s safety should be the utmost priority, not the money!

Therefore, at theBabyCart.in, we recommend both the products like cheap, affordable but no compromise in quality, safety, and 100 other important factors.

Which among the above gifts for a newborn baby, you like the most and why? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, follow our Facebook page to get daily updates. Till then, see you in the next amazing post, only for your little one.

Thank you and happy gifting!