Best Lego Sets for Kids in India

Sep 13, 2021

Best Lego Sets for Kids in India

During childhood, kids start building their cognitive development which is the ability to think, explore and prospect. During this period, the brain starts developing and enables the children to understand and develop skills, find the problem-solving strategies and seek knowledge from them. Mostly, kids develop these skills from the toys they play at home or school. However, there are few toys as productive and worthwhile as a Lego set.

Lego set not only provides entertainment, but it’s also a great source of knowledge and learning. It is popular and most likable among kids because it helps them to learn various skills. Kids who use Lego set, develop a great sense of learning, develop aptitude and efficiency, and learn to be determined and purposeful. It helps to nourish young minds and promote creativity through its unique and colorful designs. Lego set are manufactured using high-quality products and they can be used for a very long period without any damage.

Lego sets provide hours of fun and imaginative play. If you are a youngster who enjoys creative playing and building, then Lego sets should be your top-most choice as it ensures to provide endless fun and entertainment. We have invested time in research and found the most reliable and educational Lego sets for kids. Let’s discuss each product one by one

1. Lego Helicopter Building Blocks

LEGO has been one of the most famous and best-selling brands of toys for kids in the market. It is known for its premium quality and impressive design. It is not only for entertainment but it has also a great purpose of providing knowledge and creative imagination for kids. One of their hottest and popular products is LGEO helicopter adventure building blocks set which include a perfectly designed helicopter with an appealing green, yellow and black colors, large engines, adjustable gears, and high-quality spinning rotor. Helicopter measures over 7cm high, 19cm long and 12cm wide. The complete set of Lego helicopter building blocks has a total of 114 pieces. The product has been manufactured using strong and resilient plastic. It is really easy to build and the set includes a guide book. The main advantage of this product is that it can be used for a long time without any damage. It is a great source of entertainment, creativity, constructive organizational skills, teamwork and patience for kids.

2. Lego Taj Mahal Building Blocks Set

LEGO’S representation of the real-world architectural beauty, the TAJ MAHAL, which is a redesigned model 2008 edition, features four exterior sides of the building with beautifully designed windows according to Indian traditional architecture. It also includes a main central mound, four auxiliary domes and four minarets of TAJ MAHAL which adds to the beauty and uniqueness of its structure. All of them are adorned by elegant details, elevated platforms with sloped arches and ornamental decorations to the exquisite tilework across the floor.

This Taj Mahal inspired Lego building blocks is the epitome of grace and portrayal of Indian tradition. It is one of the largest Lego’s models ever made with the measurement of 43cm height, 51cm width, and 51cm depth. Distinctive pieces of this set consist of six-blue base plates, white-colored bricks with bow, and lots of transparent elements, ‘Erling’ bricks and ‘jumper’ plates. The complete set includes over 5923 Lego pieces. This product will be very helpful for kids to improve creativity, imaginative thinking, teamwork and the learning ability of children.

3. Lego 3 in 1 Drone Explorer Building Blocks

Lego drone explorer building blocks are designed with fascinating and realistic details featuring twin rotors, posable cameras, opening cockpit, and landing gear. It also sports an orange, white and black color patterns along with red navigation control lights. The framework of Lego drone explorer also includes a drone’s lifting claw to carry the thing from one destination to the other. The complete set of this product has a total of 109 pieces.

The product includes high-quality blocks with no risk of damage or mishap. The most important benefit of the product lies in the fact that you can build either of three sets or something of your own using your creative mind and imaginative ability. The color coordination fits right in the arctic theme as aerial support. The magnificent concept and detailing of Lego 3 in 1 drone explorer building blocks will surely grab the attention of imaginative and adventurous young minds.

4. Lego Race Car Building Blocks

LEGO Technic Bash Racer Car Building Blocks has been designed incredibly with amazing details featuring an efficient and strong motor, a consistent front bumper, a massive rear bumper, long black rims with powerful tires and an engine pop-out function. It is deliberately painted with a vibrant red, a black and grey color scheme which is aesthetically pleasing and adds to the beauty of its design. The product also includes cool racing stickers to indulge in the wild and bumpy racing motor car adventure vibes.

The complete set consists of a total of 139 pieces and Product Dimensions are 262 x 72 x 141 cm. the building blocks are made of non-toxic material and easy to use as the guide book is provided with the product which includes step-by-step instructions along with pictures for better understanding. Lego race car building blocks ensure high-end manufacturing quality with top-notch performance. The idea and designing of this product are very appealing for kids to enhance their creative ability, learning, efficacy, and constructive organizational skills.

5. Lego Bricks on a Roll Building Blocks

This classic Lego building blocks package promotes open-ended creativity and imaginative thinking. The product comes with a guiding manual that provides every instruction needed to build the blocks by seeking help from the pictures given in the manual. You can build some mind-blowing characters, vehicles, building and much more using the building blocks. This product has a total of 442 pieces and Product Dimensions are 26.2 x 14.3 x 22.2 cm.

The package features a wide variety of Lego wheels, a mix of vivid and vibrant Lego bricks and some distinctive pieces. The magnificent design and detailing is very impressive and suitable for kids. Lego building blocks are known for their excellent manufacturing quality and long-lasting performance. There is no risk of destruction, toxicity or any mishap while using this product.

6. Lego Duplo Fun Creation Blocks

Lego Duplo fun creations building blocks are very popular in the market due to its unique designing and attractive color scheme pattern. It features a significant collection of colorful bricks in varying shapes and sizes. The package includes jet engines, traffic pole, flowers, and a boat element. It consists of 70 pieces in total and provides endless building options like animal models, food creations, little vehicles, etc.

This amazing product is really easy to use by following the instructions provided in the manual guide and very much likable among the kids due to its colorful design. It promotes creativity, fine motor skills, organizing skills and learning ability of young minds to flourish. Lego Duplo fun creations building blocks are made using very powerful and non-toxic materials so that there is no chance of any harm or damage.

7. Lego Friends Building Blocks

Lego Friends Olivia’s mission vehicle building blocks specially designed for girls and it consists of Olivia a mini-doll frame, a constructible Zobo figure, and Vega a cat figure. This package features a lorry-style automobile with a roof-top control panel, a special hidden compartment, a removable roof with enough space for a mini-doll figure and a park scene with a tree. Secondary pieces include a city park map, a ladder, and a cookie.

It is designed very beautifully with pleasing colors like pink, blue and white pattern. The product has a total of 223 pieces and the product dimension is 262 x 61 x 191 cm. Lego friend’s building blocks are very much in demand as it is a great source of entertainment, knowledge, and creativity. It helps in the development of organizing skills and promotes teamwork among children.

8. Lego Ninjago Building Blocks

This Lego building blocks set is inspired by the ninja theme and it features three ninja mini frames which are named as Nya (as samurai x), Kruncha and Nuckal. This package consists of the intro of a miniature cab, two prototype gunmen, bendable arms and legs, big toy katana and double katana. The Lego ninja toy also includes a sword and bone ax. The Lego ninja set includes modern interpretations of famous styles from past seasons to imagine classic conflicts from ninja go spinjitzu TV show. This manga inspired lego set is very much liked by the kids who are interested in ninja fighting games and cartoons.

It helps them to recreate an atmosphere of imaginative thinking and creative skills. The product is also very impressive in terms of designs and vibrant colors which brings out a great outcome. It has a total of 154 pieces provided by the guide book to follow the instructions and build the blocks of your imagination. Lego Ninjago building blocks are known for its best manufacturing quality and excellent performance.

9. Lego Deep Sea Creators Blocks

The LEGO Creations edition of deep-sea creations building blocks 3 in 1 provides three different opportunities to build your favorite deep-sea animals and interesting valuable things found in the sea. This set includes a shark, a crab, and a mysterious treasure box. Your kids can also use their creative ideas to rebuild these creatures into some other animals like squid or any other fish. The Lego deep sea creations blocks set features a deadly shark with a large open mouth and its sharp teeth, movable fins and body joints.

The shark’s appealing blue and white color scheme is cool and gives you real seawater feels. The set includes a total of 230 puzzle pieces and guide books which will help you in building your favorite deep-sea animals. This is the best-selling and most demanding building block set in the market due to creative design and cool color patterns that attract the kids and provides endless fun and entertainment.

10. Lego Desert Racer Block

The Lego city desert rally racer building blocks are designed to feel the wild desert racing cars vibe. This cool and exotic package features a heavy desert motor car with a removable roof, a large front frame of the car and a portable gear system. It also features a driver figure and some animal figures found in the desert-like scorpions. Desert rally racer measurements are 6cm height, 12cm length and 6cm width. The set consists of a total of 75 puzzle pieces and a manual guide with step-by-step instructions and pictures to build your favorite desert car easily with a style and creativity.

The color scheme of Lego desert rally racer building blocks is inspired by the exotic deserted areas of the city which compliments the design of the set. This package is highly manufactured using premium quality materials and there is no chance of any damage or harm.



While looking for a toy set for your kid, you should opt for a reliable and safe brand. LEGO is one of the leading and most popular brands in the market for puzzles, bricks, and toys. LEGO is best known for its marvelous designing ideas and cool color schemes which attract the kids. The products of this brand are manufactured using high-quality, non-toxic and resilient plastic which is powerful and damage-free. It is durable, very easy to use and it is a great source of knowledge and entertainment. You can get any of the above-mentioned products for your kids.

Entertainment Value

Look for a toy set for your kid with great entertainment value, so choose wisely because there are very few brands in the market that are promising with their performance and ensures to provide the purpose of its manufacture that is fun and entertainment. Luckily, LEGO is one of these brands. LEGO is very famous for its creative and fascinating design ideas with a vibrant and appealing color pattern which adds to the beauty of the product. The packaging of LEGO products is very impressive and damage-free. These products help the kids to use their creativity and build anything from blocks according to their imaginative thinking which keeps them entertained for hours and hours.


If you are looking for a toy set at a certain price limit, you should choose the product very wisely. Make sure to select a product with less number of puzzles or blocks and less complex design. The simpler the product, the more reasonable will be its price. LEGO is a popular and best-selling brand in the market due to its incredible design, perfect packaging, high-end manufacturing, and powerful performance.

All of these qualities in a product makes it worth buying. LEGO promises to provide your kids with learning and entertainment which is a great deal and very few brands in the world offer this type of deal. So, the price of the LEGO set is reasonable and all the qualities of LEGO products are worth the price.


When you go to a market to buy a toy set, you should always keep in mind that the package should contain the complete number of accessories as written on the box. Make sure that the manual guide is present inside the package because it contains all the instructions and guidelines. If there is an accessory or even a secondary element is missing, refrain from buying it. Always ask the shopkeeper to check the package from inside before adding it to your bill.

Educational Value

One of the most important points to keep in mind while buying a toy set is that it should be a great source of knowledge and learning for your kid. It must be designed in such a way that it provides both fun and learning at the same time. The concept of building blocks and puzzles of the LEGO set ensures that the kid develops fine motor skills, patience, constructive organizational ability, and teamwork. It should be a great source of cognitive development and self-esteem for children.

Social Development

The idea and concept behind the designing of any toy set must be that the kids should learn discipline and improve behavioral aspects at the same time when playing and having fun. This concept enables your kid to develop the ability to interact, work in a team with manners and discipline, learn how to organize things with creativity and patience. These qualities will help your kid in the long run to be a better person in society.


1. Is LEGO set only suitable for kids of certain age limits? My child is older than the mentioned age limit, so can he play with it?

Ans. Every product of the LEGO set is for a certain age limit. LEGO has mentioned these age limits on the packaging of the product. The reason behind restricting the products to certain age limits is that the product might contain very small and sharp elements that are dangerous for underage children. These products may result in a choke or any other serious condition in case of attempting to ingest. But if your child’s age is according to or older that mentioned age, he/she can play with it.

2. What is the purpose of buying a LEGO set?

Ans. The LEGO set is very productive and likable among children. The exceptional designing and appealing color scheme of Lego sets attract the children. The concept of manufacturing the LEGO set is that the children are provided fun, entertainment, creative thinking, learning, and organizational skills at the same time. It is a great source of knowledge and development. These qualities make the LEGO set worth buying and you should give it a chance to improve your child’s development and creative skills.

3. Is it true that the LEGO set is beneficial for developing a child’s learning skills?

Ans. There are only a few brands in the world that ensure to provide fun and knowledge at the same time and LEGO is one of them. The concept and designing of LEGO set to enable the children to develop fine motor skills, patience and teamwork, organizing ability, learning new things, creativity and imaginative thinking.

4. Is LEGO set dangerous for children?

Ans. Every product of the LEGO set is for a certain age limit. LEGO has mentioned these age limits on the packaging of the product. The reason behind restricting the products to certain age limits is that the product might contain very small and sharp elements that are dangerous for underage children. If your child’s age is according to the mentioned age limit then it is safe for him/her.


Childhood is a very precious time of life. It has so many precious memories of growing, playing with friends, having fun and learning. The children develop their self-esteem during childhood. Most of it is developed from the toys they play with. They develop fine motor skills, aptitude, organizational skills, and teamwork by playing with their toys and sharing them with their friends.

Lego set enables them to provide endless fun and entertainment as well as improve their learning skills. We have mentioned the most reliable Lego sets for your kids. You can pick any of them according to your requirements. If you have any questions regarding our list of products, just let us know, we will be more than happy to assist you.