7 Best Baby Carrier in India (Baby Carrying Bags) Review

Sep 9, 2021

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Whether you are going to a market or going out for dinner, don’t worry about holding the baby. The baby carrier bags are working as a helping hand of a mother.

The most precious thing you ever get to wear is your baby!

It’s not only adults who are fond of baby slings, but babies also consider it as an ideal choice for themselves.

Similarly, if you are a new mommy, I will advise you to go for a baby carrier, because nowadays the baby’s needs are ever-changing. They just need a lot more fun and a lot more support.

The best baby carriers in India are coming with a lot more design and safety. Not only is it the manufacturer’s responsibility but it’s your responsibility also to keep the baby safe by following the user guidelines.

Are Carriers Safe for Newborn?

Much better, unfortunately, there are newborns who cannot enjoy such slings because they do not have an ideal spine. That’s why upright slings are not preferred for them.

Still, there are certain ring slings that can provide them comfort to a certain level. I’ll discuss more about the newborn carrier in this article later.

Well, the ring slings are only best when your infant is just a few days or a few months old. Once he gets a bit mature or is getting too big for the sling, baby carriers are the best choice.

Hence, to be more precise, once the lit turns 5 months old, discard the previous one and go for the best baby carrier in India.

So, we are focusing so much on these carriers because they can handle the weight of the baby evenly across shoulders and hips.

They are all designed in the most proficient way. Questions might be coming to your mind like:

Should I really read this blog first?

The answer is simply yes. This blog will provide you with all the user guidelines of the baby carriers. Remember to follow the guidelines and you are ready to give your baby a perfect comfort position.

So, it will support good hip development of the baby. BabyCart keeps in mind all kinds of possible diseases such as dyslexia or abnormal hip position.

That’s why it encourages you the best baby carrier in India for they all encourage normal hip development. Similarly, baby carriers can also serve as good baby shower gifts for your new mommy friend.

What are the Different Types of Baby Carry Bag?

Basically, there are different types of baby carriers, and each of the carrier bags has its own pros and cons. Here are the types of carrier bags:

1. Sling

Sling is a cloth that supports infants and small babies. It is of various types,

  • A ring sling, wraps around your body with the help of a ring, that you can tight or lose it effortlessly

The ring sling is perfect for the hot climate and is easy to use. But, it won’t disperse the baby’s weight equivalently, hence, your shoulder has to bear all the pressure.

2. Wrap

The wrap is the baby carrier that you have to wrap around your body.

  • The soft wrap is the long material that you have to wrap or tie around. Moreover, it is stretchy.

  • Woven wrap is also a piece of non-stretchy material that you will wrap or tie.

Baby wraps are perfect for newborns as it imitates the womb as well as these adjust easily in different body type. However, it is not ideal for older babies because it could be restrictive.

3. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is more like a bag with a particular structure.

  • Structured carrier, it is ideal for hiking that is made of longer trips.

  • Soft-structured carrier, it is a padded shoulder strap with adjustable belts and it can be used for infants and older toddlers.

4. Meh dai or mei Tai

Basically, it is an Asian-style carrier that contains wide padded straps, a panel of fabric around your baby, that covers your baby’s waist and padded straps come over your shoulder.

Others are

  1. Backpack carriers

  2. Pouch carriers

What are the Factors to Consider Before Buying Baby Carriers?

There is a total of 21 factors to keep in mind before choosing a baby carrier bag online. So for your question, how to buy a baby carrier/sling bag?

Here is the solution:

1. Have You Considered Baby’s Weight Before Buying the Baby Carrier?

Baby carriers are made depending on the age of the baby as some are ideal for newborns while others for preschoolers, and more. Moreover, some of the baby carriers grow with your baby.

For instance, if we talk about different age groups and weights, different carrier bags are available. Baby carrier bag for a 3-year-old will be different from the carrier bag for a 2-year-old in the weight and size capacity.

It is important to ensure that the carrier you are buying must be falling on your demands and needs.

2. Does Your Carrier Have Hip-friendly Design?

Buy a baby carrier that allows you to keep your baby’s hip and knees to sit in the “M” position, i.e., ergonomic position. Because this position encourages healthy development.

The hip seat should be designed in such a way that the mother does not feel much lower back pressure.

3. Does Your Baby Carrier Meet Safety Standards?

It is important to meet all standards. Therefore, buy a baby carrier that has met the safety standards due to consistent changes in the carrier’s safety standards. It could be ASTM certified.

Along with this, it should have proper hip support, to ensure that your baby’s hips fall naturally on their sides as well as the knees of the baby bent slightly.

4. Are You Compromising the Quality of the Carrier?

Never fall for a product that is made of poor-quality material. No doubt, for good quality, you might need to spend some money on the same, however, you can spend that on your baby’s safety.

For instance, you can get a baby carrier bag for under 500 Rs. And can also find a huge collection of baby carrier bags under 1000 Rs./ 2000 Rs. Do not compromise on quality and get the best carrier bag for your li’l one to ensure his comfort and safety.

5. Is Your Baby Carrier Durable and Comfortable?

It is ensured to buy a baby carrier bag from a certified company which must be durable and comfortable for the baby.

Additionally, make sure that the straps should not poke your baby or you as well as fabric should not block the airways.

Further, if you are looking for longevity or durability then you should go for the carrier that can hold a baby of high weight as well as it should be front-facing.

It must be easy in use and its material should be baby-friendly.

6. How You Preferred to Carry Your Baby?

If adaptability is essential, then you should buy a carrier that allows you to hold the baby in varied positions. Some of the baby carriers allow you to carry or position your baby in different positions.

7. How Easy is it to Clean the Baby Carrier?

Carrying the baby in a carrier means you have to deal with spitting, vomiting, and more mess. Hence, buy a baby carrier that has machine-washable fabric. If not this, you can also consider buying drool pads and other covers.

8. Can You Peck a Kiss Over Your Baby’s Head? (How Close Your Seat is?)

If you are going for the front-facing carrier, then ensure that it allows you to peck the kiss on the baby’s head, without leaning too much.

9. Does Your Baby Carrier Provide Adequate Support?

The only need for the carrier is to support your baby and you. That’s why, with comfort, you should also look for a sturdy carrier that should provide support to your baby’s spine, legs, and more.

Moreover, you should also ensure that it supports your baby’s head too. As it is important especially for your young tot as he does not have control over his neck and head.

10. Does Your Carrier Have Comfortable Base Strap?

As it’s not a baby who needs to be comfortable but you also have to make sure that you are comfortable in the same. Because sometimes wearing uncomfortable carriers results in back pain and more.

So, the baby carrier with a comfortable base strap ensures that the weight of the baby is dispersed equivalently around your hip area.

Hence, the straps and buckles of the carrier should be strong. To add, if you have neck, back and shoulder problems, then this support, padded straps, and adjustable straps are important.

11. Does Your Baby Carrier Have a Wide and Supportive Seat for the Baby?

The wide and supportive seat ensures your baby’s legs are adequately separated to conserve the baby from hip dysplasia.

12. Can You Easily Use the Baby Carrier?

Buy a baby carrier that you can put on and off without anyone’s help. For this, you need a baby carrier with clips and buckles instead of straps as it does not need tying.

To add, the instructions to use the same would be clear and direct.

For instance, some of the baby slings include varied steps to put on, however, the ring sling is effortless to wear. Additionally, wraps and slings are easy to tuck in your baby diaper bag, though the same is not possible in the case of a soft-structured carrier because it is heavy.

13. What Kind of Straps Baby Carrier Should Have?

Buy a baby carrier with board straps that should cross at your back as well as it should not pull your neck or shoulder too much.

Why are board and wide straps important?

It is important because the broad straps of the hip or waist do not pressurize your shoulder nor restrict your movements. Further, the straps should be effortless to adjust and should not restrict the vision of the baby or cut your baby’s face.

In the case of sling and wrap, these also have a board piece of fabric that comes over your shoulder and waist.

14. Can You Breastfeed Your Baby in the Carrier?

The sling-type carrier is more like a pouch because of its additional material. Though, it could be bulky for small babies as well as you would need more time to wear it ideally. Additionally, some people find it uncomfortable to wear.

15. What Material is Used to Make the Baby Carrier?

Some fabric or material can be rubbed against your skin or baby’s skin that can cause chafe, rashes, etc. You should go for breathable fabric, especially in summer. On the other hand, for cool weather, you need warm fabric.

16. Can Anyone Wear the Baby Carrier?

If varied people are going to take care of your baby, then you should go for the carrier that effortlessly fits anyone. This feature is only essential if you, your husband, family members, and caregiver is taking care of the baby then you would need this feature.

17. Would You Carry Your Sleeping Baby in the Carrier?

If yes, then you should go for the carrier that comes with less effortless removal. Because this will enable you to in and out while your baby is snoring.

18. Do You Go for Hiking?

If you are an active user, for instance, if you go hiking, and if you are planning to take your baby with you this time. In that case, you should buy a baby carrier with safety restraints to keep your baby safe.

Also, look for an additional pocket, sun cover, and more for the baby’s comfort.

19. Does Your Baby Carrier Grow With Your Baby?

For long-term usage of the baby carrier, then you should go for the carrier that grows with your baby. Hence, don’t go for the carrier with one size.

20. Does Your Baby Carrier Come Under Warranty?

Always buy a baby carrier that falls under warranty as it will allow you to repair and replace it.

21. How Much Do You Need to Spend?

The budget you need for the baby carrier depends on the type of carrier that you want to buy.

You can also look at these features:

  • EN-13209:2-2005 certification.

  • It must be suitable for babies of 3 months to 24 months.

  • Can handle at least 15 kgs of weight.

  • Should have an ergonomic seat design.

  • It should have multi-positional versatility-front carry face in, front carry facing out

  • The fabric should be made of 100 percent cotton.

  • Should provide lumbar support.

Go for other reviews website also:

Get help from other mothers or websites-search through a range of products. Talk to a person who has a good knowledge of these products. They must know how these carriers work and how they are best fitted on your body.

FirstCry is also a good rated baby product website. These websites have just incredible levels of knowledge on these baby products. These reviewers are going to help you a lot in your decision-making process.

1. TRUMOM USA 3 in 1 Baby Carry Bag, Sling (For Kids from 0 to 36 Months Old)

– Best Budget Carrier

The wings are deeply padded. The following areas of the baby are fully safe- Head and Neck. These features make the product one of the best brands of baby carrier brands in India. You know what? This baby carrier bag for 3-year-old would be the best choice.

Further, the handles of the product make it very comfortable to carry the baby. They are soft touch and resistant to any kind of uneven strain. The chest pads provide the safest comfort to the baby.

Similarly, the shoulder straps are wavelike making the weight to distribute evenly throughout the carrier. The product has multiple front pockets on the go. Further, it also has a removable bib where your tidy cloth is restored.

What are its important features?

  • Weighs 9 kg in weight.

  • An ideal choice for the baby from 0 to 3 years.

  • The product comes from New York USA.

  • It gives you 6 months warranty from the date of purchase.

  • It’s a very stylish product for modern age moms.

  • Removable bib protects your clothes from getting dirty while feeding the baby.

  • Baby’s weight gets distributed equally across the belt.

  • The carrier allows baby in three different positions- Forward front, Inward front, backpack.

  • The buckles, fabric, zippers, and Velcro are of premium quality.

  • The fabric is totally anti-wrinkle and highly breathable.

You can use the pockets to carry small toys, diapers, feeding bottles, cell phones, keys, and other essential items.


  • Bibs and pockets are the best of useful features.

  • Head support is excellent.

  • Padding near the baby thighs is packed with cushions. It prevents any kind of irritation.

  • Locks are very much secure.

  • The product is of premium quality.


  • Before the baby is 3 months old, it’s better to consult a baby doctor because its neck support might not be that steady if the baby has not learned to balance its head.

  • There is no support around the hips, does not aid much in the process of hip development.

2. Kol Kol Baby Carrier Bag 100% Cotton – Best Baby Carrier for 4 Months to 3-Year-Old in India

– Best Rated and Design

Why should people or parents buy this?

It’s my best choice and is the best baby carrier in India because first of all it’s an ergonomic baby carrier bag. The seats are great for the baby’s development of the hips. The fabric is made of 100% cotton.

You can use it in any kind of season and weather. Cotton oriented technology makes it highly breathable. This is one of the best brands of baby carrier bags. This is one of the best baby carry bags for mothers.

It’s, in fact, one of the best baby carrier bags for travel. It has padded shoulder straps, supportive waistband, hood, storage pocket, padded leg openings.

Babies falling in the age ranges of 6 months to 4 years are welcome for this product. It’s a 2 in 1 position supporter-front carry, back carry. Your hands are completely free!

What are its important features?

  • Its made of 100 percent cotton material.

  • It contains certifications of International Standards-ASTM F2236

  • The seat is ergonomic in nature, promoting the development of the baby’s hips.

  • Minimum height recommended-70cm.

  • The hood feature keeps your baby away from the bad eyes. It’s also good for the baby’s nap time.

  • Storage pocket allows storage of all kinds of little essentials.

  • Women with back issues can go for this product because the supportive waistband prevents any kind of back issues.


  • Looks attractive in its bright color.

  • Hood provides a good sleeping position for babies.

  • No chances of discomfort or back pain of the adult.

  • The ergonomic design makes the product worth the price.

  • Easy to use until 4 years of age


  • It only allows facing in position. Facing out position is missing in this product.

  • It does not have lumbar support but is comfortable around the waist

  • The fabric might release a bit of color while washing.

3. Infantino Go Forward Evolved Ergonomic Baby Carrier

– Best Premium & Comfort

Why should parents buy this?

The features which make it one of the best baby carriers in India are: 4 carrying positions-There are 4 carrying positions which make it one of the best babies carry bags for travel. They are In-Facing, Outfacing Backpack.

Lastly, the seat support is quite ergonomic in nature giving it a good deal of M support. Its front-facing in nature. The waist belt has good size measurements and goes upto 60 cms. Hence it’s suitable for extremely fat moms also.

Extremely thin moms are ideal for the 26 inches waist belt size. Waist belt- The waist belt allows even distribution of weight throughout.

What are its important features?
  • Ergonomic support features soft, padded head support.

  • The transitional seat provided which provides utter comfort in knees.

  • Suitable for babies weighing in the ranges of 8lbs to 40 lbs.

  • 4 in 1 convertible carrier allows in facing, outfacing and backpacking.

  • Multiple pockets for carrying every essential.

  • 3 IN1 form is available-

  • Upscale

  • Ergonomic Hoodie

  • Pull-on Knit


  • Waist belt ranges from 26 inches to 60 inches

  • The lightweight hood protects the baby’s head.

  • Good support for babies’ legs.

  • The shoulder belts and the waist belts are made of 100 percent cotton.

  • The Muslin hood is made of 100 percent cotton.

  • Fantastic seat option.

  • Very good lower back support.

  • Highly adjustable material.

  • Easily washable with cold water.No need of bleaches.No need of iron. Dry washing is enough.


  • No storage space or extra pockets.

  • No facilities of extending seat belts are provided.

4. Luvlap Royal Hip Seat Carrier Bag – for 6 to 36 Months

Why people or parents should buy this?

The 3 belt formula makes it very convenient for travelling and thus it can be tagged in the list of best baby carry bag brands for travel. The 3 belts include shoulder belt two in number and waist belt one in number.

Its 4 Carry positions are very much amazing. The 4 Carry Positions are:

  • Inward Facing

  • Outward Facing

  • Inward Facing Seat

  • Outward Facing Seat

Also, it’s packed with superior padding. It protects both the back and neck of the baby. Its one of the best Baby carry bag brands in India as it reduces the strain on your back. You can comfortably carry your baby anytime, anywhere!

Also, the mesh is quite breathable. Hence your baby’s delicate skin is taken care of and there is no irritation created.

It’s very easy in terms of usage because the buckle is easily detachable. Older babies are also welcome to this carrier. The baby’s comfort is taken care of because the seat is perfectly detachable.

What are its important features?
  • The best preferable starting age is 3 months.

  • Avoid using it for 2 months old because the belt system does not have any support for the head. The Head might keep shaking.

  • The weight capacity of the carrier is 15Kg.

  • The buckle belt is highly extendible. Mothers of all sizes can use this.

  • It can be used until the baby turns 2 years old.

  • The weight of this carrier is just 4 kgs and makes travelling long distances easy for mothers.

  • Waist sizes for this carrier bag are available till 40cm.


  • Very good for travelling purposes. One of the verified customers has reviewed that she used it for trekking, covering about 10kms. The baby she carried was still throughout the journey and showed no signs of discomfort.

  • Upto 15 kgs of weight babies are welcome.

  • Babies can be carried on back with this carrier.

  • Made of cotton and quite strong.

  • The product is washable.

  • Extra padding provides great support to the back of the mother.

  • Highly adjustable and does not cause discomfort to the spine of the baby.

  • It also has pockets where small essentials can be carried with ease.


  • Not suitable for overweight babies or babies above 15 kg.

  • The seat is a bit hard, so it should be made of soft material because a baby needs an extreme quality of softness.

5. Mom’s Pride 3 in 1 Baby Carry Bag/Sling/Wrap – 0-18 months

– Best Carrier Under 1000 Rs

Its one of the best carrier brands in India because it uses a 3-way position system. The 3-way position system consists of Front-facing, Back carrying and Parent facing feature.

However, the recommended age groups range from newborns to 18 months old baby. Can carry weight capacities up to 12kg.

Further, the shoulder belt is highly adjustable making it one of the best baby carrier in India for travel. Proper cushioning does not cause discomfort to either the baby or the parent.

What are its important features?
  • The buckle is very safe as it’s certified with double protection safe remark.

  • The back page allows a good deal of ventilation allowing the baby to breathe freely.

  • Fabric is quite meshed ventilation supported.No itchiness caused to the baby’s delicate skin.

  • The waist belt is highly durable and adjustable. It’s suitable for all sizes of moms.

  • Design is ergonomic in nature. It gives soft and secure hugs to your baby.

  • Side clasp – Remove your baby off the carrier easily.

  • Head Cushion – It’s very much suitable for newborns because the head part is highly cushioned providing support to the baby’s head.

  • Shoulder straps – The shoulder straps contain a good deal of padding cause zero levels of strain to the mom’s shoulders.

  • Padded Lumbar Strap – The baby’s weight is evenly distributed as the buckle is padded and contoured. There is absolutely no strain on the baby’s back.

  • Leg Cushioning – This feature makes the product one of the best baby carrier brands for travel. The leg holes are padded thus it promotes prolonged comfort to the baby while seating.

  • There is a detachable bib button. It prevents any kind of mesh or spillage.


  • Good quality material.

  • Breathable material allowing a good deal of ventilation.

  • Detachable head support and good cushioning in head support.Fit for use in newborns.

  • Highly safe because of its durable safety belt.


  • It cannot be used for babies above 18 months, not even for 2 years.

  • Seat needs improvement as its hard.

6. R for Rabbit Baby Carrier Upsy Daisy Smart Hip – for Kids of 6 Months to 2 Years

Why should parents buy this?

It’s from the best R for Rabbit baby carriers in India because of EN-13209:2-2005 safety certified product. This certification is one of the most appreciated certifications for baby care products. It’s suitable for babies falling in the range of 3 months to 24 months old.

Further, it carries upto 15 kgs of weight. The design is ergonomic in nature, parents find it easy to use because there are only a few adjustments needed. Most importantly, extra safe support is given to the baby.

Also, the mother faces less of lower back pressure because of its hip seat. Hip seats are really essential for giving the baby a natural sitting and resting position for the bums and thighs. Care is taken that the hip joint does not face any kind of abnormal pressure.

Moreover, it’s a multiple position provider. The baby can be carried in the following poses: Front carry face in and Front carry facing out. The hipseat is detachable and that can be used in center, right or left positions. Supporting arms are also provided.

What are its important features?
  • It’s one of the best baby carrier brands in India for growing babies.

  • Its Ergonomic material makes the product easy to use.

  • Proper support is given to the baby’s head, neck, spine, and hips.

  • Facing in a position is highly comfortable for the baby to fall asleep.

  • The hip seat can be positioned in any of the hips be it right or left or center.

  • Babies are very comfortable in this product even in the sitting position.

  • Has adjustable straps and can be fit for plus size moms.

  • It cannot be used for carrying babies at the back.


  • Very much comfortable for the parent.

  • Babysits very comfortably and the weight gets evenly distributed.

  • It has a three-way carry system.

  • Fits plus size waist easily.

  • Colour is good, and most of the verified purchasers like it.


  • It does not have additional head support.

  • As it has a hip seat, it’s not machine washable.

  • Not so good for the baby’s skin as prolonged use can cause rashes to the thigh.

  • White portions are prone to being dirty.

U-GROW Hip SEAT Baby Soft – Comfortable & Flexible Baby Sling Bag

The U- GROW Hip SEAT Baby Soft, Comfortable & Flexible Bag is one of the best baby carrier bags. You can easily use it. It is beautifully designed.

Its structure makes it perfect for the baby as you can carry your baby in this bag in a sitting posture and various other postures. It is high in quality.

Age limit and weight:

Firstly, this baby carrier bag is super comfortable for the new parents and provides them huge support with its carrying capacity. It is ideal for the 3 months old babies to 2 years old babies. It has a carrying capacity of 3.6 to 15kgs weight.

East to use:

Secondly, it is convenient and easy to use. All the parents can fit and adjust it perfectly. It only needs a few adjustments. You can easily fix it without any manual.

Options to carry your child in different positioning:

Lastly, you can carry your baby in various ways like you have the option to carry your child with front face in, front facing out, the detachable hip seat of this baby carrier can be sued in the centre, and right, and left positioning of the baby with a supporting arm.


  • Hip seat makes it more comfortable for the babies.

  • Durable and reliable

  • High-quality product

  • Soothing for the babies


  • The hip seat material looks cheap and the comfort might degrade over time.

7. Mama Cuddle Super Soft Lightweight Baby Sling Stretchy Wrap Carrier

Want a baby wrap that is made of natural fibre? Here, you go with one of the best baby wraps for newborns in India that are made of natural fibre, that’s what you want right? Its use is not limited to winter or summer but it can be worn in any season, so here it saves your money.

Hey! Don’t worry about the summer. Use these sunscreens for babies.

Then, does it fit my baby when he grows? Certainly, yes it fits the baby right from the birth till the baby gains weight of 11 kgs. Carrying a baby in wrap results in back, shoulder, and neck pain, but now you do not have to deal with these.

In addition, it also feeds and nourishes the baby by allowing him to contact people around.


  • Made of natural fibre

  • Can be worn in winter and summer

  • Prevent you from back, shoulder and neck pain

  • Allow feeding and nourishes the baby

  • Allow baby to contact with people around

  • Imitates womb

  • Keep baby secure and safe

  • Prevent baby from colic and acid reflux

  • Perfect fits


  • Could be more comfortable

  • There is no instruction of using it. But you can get the videos on YouTube.

Alternatively, try the premium baby sling/wrap:

Acrabros Baby Hands Free Baby Sling/Wrap

Baby comes with a lot of work, agree? At a time, you can leave your work but not taking care of the baby. Acrabros is the best baby sling in India that not only carries your baby but also swaddles your baby too. It gives the baby a womb-like feel, that keeps the baby safe and secure.

Moreover, who does not want to look good? No worries, one of the best baby slings in India is beautiful and trendy. Also, is perfect when it comes to keeping your baby safe, protected and comfortable with no hand support. Now, you can shop, move and work freely.

Further, it is made of rayon and polyester, which makes it comfortable and stretchable. For durability, it is strong double stitched.


  • Made of a blend of rayon and polyester

  • Swaddles the baby

  • Gives the baby a womb-like feel

  • Stylish and trendy

  • Baby is protected and comfortable

  • Hand-free

  • Allow you to shop, move and work willingly

  • Lighter and breathable

  • Dual-stitched, durability and stretchable

  • Maintain the body posture of the baby

  • Does not affect the growth of hip

  • Perfect for winter and summer

  • Machine washable


  • Stretchable, baby slides down

  • Difficult to wear

  • A bit awkward to tie

  • Cumbersome to wrap

More Common FAQs on Baby Carriers

  1. Which is the best baby carrier bag in India? LuvLap Royal Hip Baby Carrier is the best baby carrier bag in India. It is durable, comfortable, and looks amazing. Plus, it comes with the four carrying positions for your baby. You can also try Trumom (USA) 3 in 1 Baby Carrier for Kids if you travel a lot.

  2. Are baby carriers bad for baby hips? Well, its absolutely a wrong notion that you are building. Baby carriers are designed to shape the little bums. In fact not using them, can create problems like dyslexia or dislocation of bones in the hip joint. It's very good for preventing such kinds of serious problems. These are designed in a way that helps and provides support to not only the baby's hip but also to his spine and neck. Now there is a baby carrier bag that has a hip seat so that babies can sit comfortably in the baby carrier bag.

  3. How to wear a baby carrier bag? With each baby carrier bag, mostly a manual is given to tell you. It is very simple. There are few straps and belts are attached with the bag. You have to tie them around your shoulder and waist. But carefully read the instructions given in the manual.

  4. Can you carry a newborn in a baby carrier? No! Before 3 months, the baby’s scalp is too delicate and the neck is not yet stable. No matter how much padding the back supports have or to what extent they are certified, it's not preferable for newborns. Let your lit be 3 months at least and then you can buy him one.

  5. Which is the best baby carrier bag for travel? Luvlap Baby Carrier Galaxy and Trumom are the best carrier bag for travel. These are lightweight, looks classy and premium. You can easily carry your baby in this carrier bag in flight, train, restaurant, shopping mall.

  6. How to make a baby wrap? Start with positioning your wrap across your chest then bring it behind you in a cross position, i.e., X. After that, one by one lift one shoulder panel. Later make an X again in front by pulling both the panels through the label. Further, bring the panel behind the back and tie it. Afterwards, pull the panel the same label and search for the panel that is close to your body. Finally, place the baby in it on the opposite shoulder.

  7. How long can a newborn be in a sling? If a baby sling keeps your baby's legs in an unhealthy position, it results in affecting the development of the baby's hips.


To sum up, I will list you the cheapest and the highest priced Carriers. But always remember not to go just for the money, see whether or not the carriers fulfill your requirements.

A few tips on using the baby carrier – Make sure your baby is well-fed and has an adequate amount of sleep before he plunges the first time into the carrier. That’s because the place is new for them.

They might get nervous and start crying but you should not give up. It’s a bit like nursing and you must try to enhance the confidence level in you to handle the baby.

Seeing your confidence your baby will get slowly adapted to the product and he is going to feel comfortable soon.

Also in the winter season, prefer buying a bigger jacket for yourself. So that your baby can fit comfortably into it. Your baby needs to accommodate underneath

Cheap Baby Carriers:-

Expensive Baby Carriers:-

Consequently, these are high in demand and highly recommended by the customers. You can easily select any of them and can provide your baby with the warmth of your lap and can keep him safe and comfortable.

Lastly, my advice is to always invest in some good quality bag and always consider brands like LuvLap, BayBee, R for Rabbit, Sebamed combo (for other essentials) and others.

Have any doubt? Or did we miss any of the best baby carrier in India in the above list? Do let us know in the comments below. Happy Shopping. TC!